Employment, Severance

& Non-Compete Agreements

Bronson Lipsky regularly works with employees, particularly high-level executives, to negotiate employment agreements and contracts, including severance agreements.  We handle the details of compensation and benefits so that employees can stay focused on other matters.  Allowing an experienced attorney to negotiate on your behalf provides clear advantages:  it allows a third party to handle monetary issues, so as to preserve positive rapport with an employer while maximizing compensation for the employee.  Also, developing a solid and balanced contract in the beginning can help to avoid disputes, or place employees in a better position in the unfortunate event that a dispute develops.

In addition to helping employees negotiate sound and fair contracts, we counsel clients on employment law and give them practical advice on how to handle difficulties in the work place while protecting their legal rights. We work with individuals in various fields:  finance, medical, sales, technology, etc.

Employment Agreements

Do not sign that employment agreement before consulting an experienced attorney who specializes in this area of the law.  We work with executives to negotiate agreements that maximize compensation and benefits and enable employees to reach their objectives regarding performance incentives.

Severance Agreement

If you are presented with a severance package, it is critical that you contact an attorney before signing the document because it often requires that you give up important legal rights.  We regularly review severance agreements and negotiate with employers regarding severance packages.   Generally, evaluations can be performed without much expense, but it is important that you have the agreement reviewed from a legal perspective before you sign it.


Many times your employment agreement contains covenants-not-to-compete.  We review, advise and negotiate with clients on covenants-not-to-compete, as well as non-solicitation agreements.  Sometimes these agreements are not enforceable, or only partially enforceable.  We advise clients on their rights under these agreements and are prepared to litigate to protect a client’s rights as necessary.